As a research and service center in Penn State’s Department of Applied Linguistics, EPPIC benefits from a deep research base in the areas of:

  • Advanced proficiency language learning
  • Language for academic and professional purposes
  • Language-in-use (corpus linguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis)
  • Language teacher education 

The department has a thirty-five year history of successfully administering English language assessments and offering advanced language and culture instruction informed by the most recent research in the field of Applied Linguistics.  EPPIC team members are integrally involved in departmental research initiatives, and have extensive experience teaching spoken and written English for Specific Purposes (ESP) to diverse multilingual populations.


Director of EPPIC & Associate Teaching Professor of Applied Linguistics


Language Specialist

Language Specialist

Bob Persiko

Language Specialist

Multilingual Administrative Assistant


Assistant Research Professor | Researcher in English for Specific Purposes and English as a Medium of Instruction

Rebecca Zoshak

Lead Instructional Designer and Language Specialist

Graduate Students

Language Specialist