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English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center

Workshops for Faculty, Advisers, and Staff

Workshops for Faculty, Advisers, and Staff

EPPIC offers workshops for faculty, advisers, staff, and administrators to highlight helpful practices for working with and supporting international multilingual students, to build a campus community that is global in outlook and inclusive in practice.

These workshops (which are also available by request) include:

  • Pronouncing International Students’ Names
  • Using Global English to Connect Across Cultures
  • Beyond Grammar:  Teaching Writing as Genre to Multilingual Students
  • Beyond Editing:  Giving Effective Feedback to Multilingual Student Writers
  • Beyond Topics:  Designing Assignments that Scaffold Good Writing


In fall 2021, join us for this workshop on using language to foster DEIA:

  • Do you speak Global English? Strategies for Understanding and Being Understood, October 13, 2021, 12-1:15 pm


All Penn State faculty, advisers, staff and students are invited to participate in a workshop that explores how the English we use can help or hinder communication, and offers strategies for making the English we use as clear as possible when interacting with people from diverse language and cultural backgrounds

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