English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center

In Fall 2020, EPPIC Individual Consultation sessions will be offered through Zoom.  Students will receive an email with details on how to connect with their consultant on Zoom.

EPPIC offers individual consultations to international students, J-1 scholars, and post-docs for support with academic papers, projects, presentations, interviews, cover letters, pronunciation, and more*.  Consultations are available by appointment.

*Please note that consultations are not available for standardized test preparation, such as for the GRE or TOEFL. Preparation courses for the TOEFL are available locally through Penn State’s Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) and through the community-based Mid-State Literacy Council.

To learn more about EICs and to schedule a consultation, visit the EPPIC Individual Consultations (EICs) page.

Note:  Summer EIC hours will begin on May 18, 2020.

In Fall 2020, EPPIC Advising sessions will be offered on-line through Zoom.  Students  will receive an email before their scheduled appointment with details about how to connect to their adviser on Zoom.

Do you have questions about which EPPIC services would be most useful to you?  EPPIC Advisers are here to help!  International students, J-1 visiting scholars, and post-docs are invited to make an appointment with an EPPIC Adviser to find out how EPPIC can help them achieve their goals.

Click here to learn more about EPPIC Advising, and to schedule an advising appointment.

In Fall 2020, all EPPIC workshops will be offered on-line via Zoom.  Please register at least 24 hours in advance to receive a Zoom meeting link.

EPPIC leads workshops on academic writing, speaking, and interaction in English in a U.S. university setting.  Topics include these and more:

*Emailing your Professors:  How to do it Better
*Strategies for Reading Academic Articles

*Participating in Group Work:  Getting Involved
*Preparing Academic Slide Presentations: Tips for Clear Delivery
*Preparing for job interviews in the U.S.:  What to expect and how to respond
*Focus on Pronunciation: The Sounds of American English

View the full Fall 2020 workshop schedule here.

Register for workshops here.

Update:  Starting March 16, 2020, EPPIC speaking groups will be offered only on-line, using Penn State’s Zoom teleconferencing system.  Registered participants will receive an email with more details.

Speak UP is an advanced weekly speaking group for international undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs and fellows to discuss and practice ‘real-life’ academic English at Penn State. Each week includes a brief lesson focused on a specific situation or genre of communication, followed by group discussion and optional practice activities to build increased communicative confidence in daily life.




Let’s Talk is a weekly speaking group designed to provide language support for J-1 visiting scholars. Each session features a lesson on vocabulary, pronunciation, and helpful expressions related to a particular context in everyday life in State College, along with language practice time and the opportunity to ask questions about local language and culture.



In addition to the workshops listed above, EPPIC is offering a series of workshops in fall 2020 designed specifically for doctoral students in the Department of Economics.  Fall workshops focus on preparing job market candidates for job talksinterviews, and fly-outs (click on titles below for a full description of each workshop):

September 18: Strategies for a Successful Job Talk

November 6: Strategies for Successful Interviews

December 4: Preparing for Fly-Outs: How to Make a Good Impression

If you are an ECON graduate student, click here for more detailed information and to register for these specialized workshops.

EPPIC can visit departmental or program events to advertise our services.  To request a presentation (for students, advisers or faculty) or to schedule an EPPIC display table for your event, please contact us here.

We also design customized services for university departments, programs and groups.  Please send us a message to start a conversation about customized programming.

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