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Language Proficiency Interview (LPI): Scheduling and Payment

Language Proficiency Interview (LPI): Scheduling and Payment

J-1 Exchange Scholar applicants wishing to schedule a Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) to document their English language proficiency should follow this two-step process:

Interviews are scheduled in 30 minute time blocks.  Scholars will receive an e-mail confirming their scheduled interview appointments.

  • Step 2:  Pay the interview fee of $85 using the payment button below.

Please note:

  • Scholars must have a J-1 visa application in progress on iStart before they schedule a Language Proficiency Interview.
  • Payment of the interview fee is required before the results of the language interview will be posted to iStart and shared with the scholar.
  • Cancellation:  Interview appointments may be cancelled through a link provided in the confirmation e-mail if needed.  Appointments that are cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time can be rescheduled with no additional fee.
  • Language Proficiency Interviews are conducted using a teleconferencing platform called Zoom (  Instructions for connecting with Zoom are available here, and include guidance for doing a ‘test session’ of Zoom in advance to verify audio and video settings.


PSU Departments:  If your department is funding the interview fee for a J-1 Exchange Scholar applicant, please send an e-mail to Meredith Doran at to indicate the name of the scholar whose interview you are sponsoring. We thank you for your assistance in ensuring that payments are credited to the appropriate scholar.