J-1 Scholars

J-1 Scholars

As an international student, EPPIC workshops were really helpful in my first year. Through them, I was able to understand how communication in American culture works.  I also learned tools that helped me improve my oral and written communications skills.

Camila Gonzalez Arango, Graduate Student, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

The workshop leader gave a lot of examples and good tips.

Di Yang, Graduate Student, Health Policy

Every time after an EPPIC workshop, my confidence speaking in class, and with my advisor or peers, increased a lot. The effects have been evident. Thanks!

Graduate Student

I always recommend these workshops to other foreign students. The workshops are a great opportunity to become better acquainted with the language and culture, and also recognize your own speech and language weaknesses and ways to improve them. I truly appreciate the EPPIC instructors' warmth and willingness to help.

Tomas Lopez Londono, Graduate Student, Biology

EPPIC workshops are very good. They help specific aspects of my English skills. I look forward to attending more next semester.

Graduate Student

I really enjoyed the workshops on pronunciation. They helped me identify my weak points and made me more confident in my speech. Thanks!

Aditya Basu, Graduate Student, EECS - Computer Science

I can always select the workshop I need most. I would recommend to graduate students to attend these workshops.

Graduate Student

Intonation and rhythm in English. No one told me about these before!

Junho Kweon, Graduate Student, EE - Signal Processing

EPPIC helped me in improving my presentation skills.

Graduate Student

Without EPPIC, my job search and paper writing felt impossible.

Jeongin Son, Graduate Student, MCIBS - Cancer Research

EPPIC events are an effective way to make friends and familiarize oneself with the new culture and norms while learning more about English.

Graduate Student
The Speak UP [speaking group] lessons gave me a new point of view to learn English. In some sense, I was taught to learn English for tests or examinations for many years. I have seldom had the opportunity to focus on "real communication" and most of my energy has been spent on understanding literacy itself. I didn't know much about the meaning of "usage" in different situations and needs.  Lessons from EPPIC allowed me to start to learn about these things, such as "small talk" and "extending conversation."  These elements of language are not just a matter of literacy but are quite communicative and interactive.  I  believe that they are an important aspect of so-called "authentic English."
Liling Guo, Visiting Scholar

EPPIC provides valuable support for my writing projects in so many aspects (e.g,  brainstorming, outlining, organizing, revising). It not only helps me improve my writing, but also empowers me to develop skill and confidence in writing.

Graduate Student

I prepared a conference presentation with EPPIC.  Bob is so friendly in teaching exact pronunciation and intonation.  It was so helpful and I did a great job in my presentation!

Sojung Jung, Graduate Student

Let's Talk [speaking group] helps me better adapt to life in State College. It provides expressions for effective communication in the everyday scenarios that we may encounter. For example, the instructor added an informative session for coping with COVID-19 when we are in the midst of the pandemic. In addition, the classes are facilitated in an interactive manner, so that we are able to practice the learned phrases with partners, gain confidence in speaking English, and even develop cross-disciplinary networks.

Graduate Student, WFED

I have received great help from the EICs [individual consultations] provided by Jacob. During the semester, I brought various tasks to him including assignments, presentation slides, my professional CV, research articles, and whatever utilized English for academic purposes. He has been always patient and supportive with my problems in writing, speaking, and presentations. I especially received great support from him while I was preparing for my qualifying exam. As a novice scholar in the very first year of studying in the US, I feel that EPPIC helps me along the way of my professional growth.

Graduate Student

As a regular user of EPPIC, I am familiar with almost every writing tutor.  I appreciate your warm greetings and helpful suggestions every time.

Yu Sun, Graduate Student

EPPIC has greatly helped me. I loved consultation services for both writing and presentations. I have recommended EPPIC to many of my friends. Thank you!

Graduate Student, CAS

EPPIC is soooo helpful!!! It benefits me a lot in terms of both writing and presentation skills. I believe 100% that this [support] will substantially contribute to my future research career.

Graduate Student, Economics

EPPIC has been a place where I can experience a different atmosphere than that of daily classes. Having been equipped with skills and knowledge that most international students need, I'm so positive that EPPIC's program will eventually lead students to easily get adjusted to the Penn State community.

Ratna Aryanti Uar, Graduate Student

Are you applying for a J-1 Exchange Scholar visa?

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Are you already at Penn State as a J-1 Scholar?

We invite you to enroll in EPPIC’s programs in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to improve your skill and confidence in advanced academic English, and to connect with scholars from a range of departments and programs at Penn State.

Through active participation in EPPIC’s programs, you can engage in meaningful communication with colleagues, increase your competencies in written and spoken English, and enrich your immersion experience at Penn State.

EPPIC invites you to register for:

  1. Workshops on advanced written and spoken academic English (papers, presentations, applications, interviews, pronunciation and more)
  2. Structured speaking groups that offer real-world language and practice for communicating in specific contexts (talking with an advisor, socializing with friends and colleagues, networking at a professional event)
  3. One-on-one consultations with language specialists to focus on your goals and progress in academic writing, pronunciation, research presentations, or other aspects of communication in English that are important to you