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Workshops for Department of Economics Graduate Students

Workshops for Department of Economics Graduate Students

Economics Graduate Student Workshops

EPPIC offers customized services for graduate students in Penn State’s Department of Economics.

  • Fall workshops focus on supporting job market candidates in years 4-6 as they prepare for upcoming job talks, interviews and fly-outs.
  • Spring workshops are designed for graduate students in years 2-4 to foster awareness of strategies for effective research presentations in Economics, and to develop their personal research spiels for networking and professional development.
  • Individual consultations are available for practice and feedback on research presentations, job interviews, spiels, abstracts, and job application materials.


In spring 2022, EPPIC-ECON workshops will include:

  • Focus on Pronunciation:  Strategies for Clarity in Speaking
  • Learning from the Pros:  Understanding the Elements of a Successful Seminar
  • Preparing Your Spiel:  How to Pitch Your Work



Registration links for the above workshops will be shared via email with current Economics graduate students.

EPPIC-ECON Individual Consultations

EPPIC offers individual consultations (EICs) for Economics graduate students.  In these consultations, students can practice and receive detailed language feedback on research presentations & job talks, job market papers, interviews, spiels, and networking conversations.

To schedule an ECON Individual Consultation appointment, please click here.