English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center

In addition to the workshops listed above, EPPIC is offering a series of workshops in fall 2020 designed specifically for doctoral students in the Department of Economics.  Fall workshops focus on preparing job market candidates for job talksinterviews, and fly-outs (click on titles below for a full description of each workshop):

September 18: Strategies for a Successful Job Talk

November 6: Strategies for Successful Interviews

December 4: Preparing for Fly-Outs: How to Make a Good Impression

If you are an ECON graduate student, click here for more detailed information and to register for these specialized workshops.

EPPIC-ECON Individual Consultations

EPPIC also offers individual consultations (EICs) for graduate students in Economics.  These are one-hour appointments in which students can practice and receive detailed feedback on job talks, job interviews, spiels, and preparing for fly-outs.  Starting on March 16, 2020, these consultations will take place via Zoom.

To make an ECON EIC appointment, click here.