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Would you like to feel more confident and skilled in academic writing and speaking in English?  Do you have questions about how to navigate academic culture in the U.S.?  Are you looking for relevant, practical support?

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Are you writing an essay, literature review, or research paper?  Preparing for a job interview?  Planning a presentation?

EPPIC offers individual consultations (EICs) for international students, scholars, and post-docs to support their growth and confidence in advanced academic and professional English.

EICs are available by appointment here.

Do you speak Global English?

Join us for a workshop that explores how the forms of English we use can help or hinder communication, and offers strategies for making our English as clear as possible when interacting with people from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.  For all Penn State faculty, students, advisers and staff.

Do You Speak Global English?  Strategies for Cooperative CommunicationOctober 13, 2021, 12-1:15 pm

Global English

Speak UP Groups: Focus on Interaction


Join EPPIC for Speak UP, weekly speaking group sessions that focus on interacting in English in real time.  Expand your knowledge of cultural expectations, commonly used phrases, and pronunciation patterns in U.S. English while connecting with others in the group.  Each session includes lesson content and practice time in a relaxed atmosphere.

EPPIC Workshops: Register now!


EPPIC offers a wide range of workshops on academic and professional English.  Topics include oral presentations, writing, interaction, job interviews, and more.  These workshops are open to all Penn State students, post-docs, and visiting scholars, regardless of language background or campus affiliation.


EPPIC is an academic center designed to provide advanced English language support to international students and scholar at Penn State, and to foster engaged intercultural communication across the Penn State community .

What does EPPIC do?

EPPIC studies how language is used in a range of disciplines and professions across the university, including in STEM departments, in Economics, in Engineering, in Hospitality Management and more.  By analyzing language in specific contexts, we gain insight into the contemporary genres and patterns of communication in English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) that are central to  academic and professional life in our multilingual world.

We apply findings from this work, and more than thirty-five years of experience teaching advanced proficiency English, to create timely and effective support services for multilingual students and scholars who are seeking to hone their English skills for professional purposes.  We also design and lead programs that promote awareness of language diversity and offer strategies for engaged intercultural interaction within and beyond the university.

How can EPPIC serve you?

If you are a multilingual student, faculty member, or researcher, please visit EPPIC’s menu of services that are designed to build skill and confidence in advanced genres of academic and professional English, both spoken and written.  If you are a faculty or staff member, we invite you to join us for specialized workshops that focus on topics related to intercultural communication, strategies for inclusive teaching and advising of multilingual students, and more.  Finally, if you supervise, advise, or teach multilingual students and scholars, please feel free to refer students & scholars to use our services and to join our listserv to receive announcements about our services.  You are also welcome to request customized workshops on teaching and working with international multilingual students, on Global English, and more.