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EPPIC Scholar Memberships: Join now!

EPPIC Scholar Memberships: Join now!

What is the EPPIC Scholar Member program?

EPPIC’s Scholar Member Program offers academic English language support to international J-1 exchange scholars at Penn State University Park.  Our award-winning team of experienced instructors assists scholars to develop their advanced written and spoken communication skills in English, for increased success and connection during their J-1 program activities at Penn State, and for ongoing professional development.

All J-1 scholars are invited to join as Scholar Members.  EPPIC encourages all J-1 Scholars at the University Park campus to join EPPIC as Scholar Members (see below to join), both to improve their skill and confidence in advanced academic English, and also to connect with fellow scholars and students from a range of academic disciplines at Penn State. 

Conditional Proficiency scholars are required to join as Scholar Members.  J-1 scholars at University Park who receive a ‘Conditional: Support Required’ rating on their Penn State Language Proficiency Interviews are required to register as Scholar Members within 10 days of arrival at Penn State, and to participate actively in EPPIC’s programs each semester in order to improve their English language proficiency. 

To comply with U.S. Department of State requirements for J-1 Exchange Scholars, visiting scholars with conditional proficiency must register for and participate in EPPIC services an average of 3 hours per week (when services are in session) throughout the duration of their J-1 program.  Visiting scholars who are hosted at Commonwealth campuses and other Penn State locations should write to  for more information about accessing language support services beyond the University Park campus.

What do EPPIC Scholar Members receive?

Membership Kit that includes:

  • Detailed information about EPPIC’s language support services for the current semester
  • A portfolio for storing materials from EPPIC workshops, speaking groups, and consultations
  • A special disc-style member notebook and pen
    • to take notes during EPPIC workshops, meetings, and consultations
    • to store, organize and annotate learning materials designed specifically for Scholar Members
    • to record vocabulary, idioms, and strategies from immersive language learning experiences

Personalized Advising Sessions:

  • To identify high-priority goals and to create a personalized service plan
  • To review and reflect on learning interests and experiences

Advanced English Language Support Services:

  • Workshops on academic speaking and writing, teaching in the U.S., job interview preparation, and more
  • Weekly speaking groups (Let’s Talk, Speak UP, ‘Focus on Interaction’ sessions)
  • EPPIC Individual Consultations (EICs)
    • 30 or 60 minute sessions with an experienced instructor of academic English
    • Consultations may involve a range of topics and genres related to academic communication, such as:
      • Abstracts, journal articles, cover letters, reports
      • Research presentations
      • Informal professional interaction/networking in academic and professional settings (conferences, research meetings, etc.)
      • Pronunciation

Workshop Series Certificates on topics such as:

  • Research Writing in English
  • Effective Research Presentations
  • American English Pronunciation


To learn more about certificate topics and options, schedule an appointment with an EPPIC Adviser.

EPPIC Extracurriculars:

  • Members-only guided tours and visits to local academic and cultural sites of interest (including transportation, entrance fees, and more) 
  • Tours and visits include: 1) a behind-the-scenes tour of The Berkey Creamery (with ice cream tasting), 2) a hike in Shingletown Gap (with a local foods visit to Harner Farms), 3) a special tour of the All Sports Museum (with an inside look at Beaver Stadium), and 4) a guided tour of Penn State’s beautiful Arboretum gardens (including the H.O. Smith Botanical Garden & Childhood’s Gate Children’s Garden, and a beverage in nearby Katz Building, an architectural feat).


Member fees:

  • Fall semester (mid-August through December):   $—
    • Partial Fall semester (mid-October through December):   $—
  • Spring semester (January through early May):   $—
    • Partial Spring semester (mid-March through early May):  $—
  • Summer (four week sessions, May-July):   $—


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