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EPPIC Advising Sessions

Do you have questions about which EPPIC services are right for you? We are here to help! All international students and scholars are invited to meet with an EPPIC Adviser to discuss how EPPIC can help them achieve their goals.

EPPIC Advising:  Planning & Reflection

EPPIC Advising includes two different types of one-on-one meetings: EPPIC Planning Sessions and EPPIC Reflection Sessions.

  • Planning Sessions involve meeting with an EPPIC Adviser to identify relevant personal learning goals, and to create a personalized schedule of relevant EPPIC services in the current semester (e.g., specific workshops, speaking group sessions, etc.)
  • Reflection Sessions take place towards the end of the semester and encourage students and scholars to look back on what they have learned. Reflection Sessions will be scheduled during each Planning Session.

All EPPIC Advising sessions are available by appointment only and take place in 7 Sparks Building (Penn State Learning).

To learn more about EPPIC Advising (and/or to register for an advising session), please click here.


Workshops for International Students and Scholars

EPPIC offers workshops on a range of topics related to successful academic and professional communication in English. These workshops are open to all Penn State students, post-docs, and visiting scholars, regardless of language background.

Registration for workshops is available here.

Workshops sorted by month

January Workshops
February Workshops
March Workshops
April Workshops

*New this semester*: Earn EPPIC certificates by attending workshop series focusing on specific skill areas (see list below)

Workshops sorted by series

Participating in American Academic Life
Academic Reading
Academic Presentations in the U.S.
Preparing for the U.S. Job Market
Foundations of American Academic Writing
Research Writing in English
American English Pronunciation

Questions about which series is right for you? Sign up for an EPPIC Advising session to create a personalized schedule.

Workshops for the Department of Economics

In addition to the workshops listed above, EPPIC is offering a series of workshops in Spring 2019 designed specifically for doctoral students in the Department of Economics (click link below for a list of these workshops). 

Workshops for Department of Economics Graduate Students

If you are an ECON graduate student, workshop registration is available here.


Workshops for Faculty, Advisers, and Staff

EPPIC also offers specialized workshops designed to highlight helpful practices for working with and supporting international students. These workshops are open to all domestic and international staff, administrators, faculty, and advisers.

Lunchtime Workshop Series for Faculty, Advisers and Staff

Registration for lunchtime workshops is available here.

Speaking Groups

EPPIC's weekly speaking groups provide a supportive environment to discover and practice the 'real' English used in academic and professional contexts.

*New this semester*: Attend a minimum of 5 speaking group sessions -- either Speak UP or Let's Talk – and 1 (one) immersive experience of your choice to earn an EPPIC certificate in English Speaking Skills.

Speak UP Weekly Speaking Group for International Students, Postdocs, and Fellows

Speak UP is an advanced weekly speaking group for international undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs and fellows to discuss and practice ‘real-life’ academic English at Penn State. Each week includes a brief lesson and group discussion followed by refreshments and optional practice activities.

Registration for for Speak UP sessions is available here.

Let's Talk Weekly Speaking Group for Visiting Scholars

Let's Talk is a weekly speaking group designed to provide English language support for J-1 visiting scholars. Each session features a lesson on vocabulary, pronunciation, and helpful expressions related to everyday life in State College, along with practice time.

Registration for Let's Talk sessions is available here.

EPPIC Individual Consultations (EICs)

EPPIC offers individual consultations to international students at Penn State for both spoken and written academic English. Consultation sessions are available by appointment only between 1:00 pm and 9:30 pm on weekdays, and take place in 7 Sparks Building (Penn State Learning).

To ensure that you get the most from your consultation, we encourage you to come prepared with specific assignments, projects, and goals in mind.

Writing Support:  You may schedule up to two consecutive 30-minute sessions per day.

Speaking & Pronunciation Support: You may reserve one 30-minute session per day. 

*Please note that consultations are not available for standardized test preparation, such as for the GRE or TOEFL. Preparation courses for the TOEFL are available in the State College area through the Mid-State Literacy Council.

For information, hours, and registration information for EICs, please visit:

EPPIC Individual Consultations (EICs)


Collaboration & Customized Services

EPPIC staff are available to attend departmental or program events to advertise our services directly to international students in your unit.  To request a short presentation or information table at your event, please contact us here.

The EPPIC team also collaborates with specific programs and groups to create customized services for students, scholars, faculty or staff.  These services can vary in scope and length, and can be delivered at your work site. To start a conversation with us about a custom collaboration, please send us a message describing your request.

Contact Us about a Custom Collaboration

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