Services for Faculty and Administrators

Upcoming events for faculty and staff, Spring 2017:

Workshop for faculty: 

"Best Practices for Teaching International Students"

This workshop is designed for current faculty and instructors at Penn State who are interested in how to work most effectively with international multilingual students in their classes.  The workshop will offer insights into the academic challenges faced by international multilingual students--including classroom participation, academic writing, and citation formats--and practical teaching strategies to address those challenges. This workshop is no longer offered in Spring 2017, but will be offered again in Fall 2017.

Workshop for advisers & staff

"Best Practices for Supporting International Students"

This workshop will highlight the academic advising and support needs of international multilingual students, present strategies for effective intercultural communication, and offer a review of campus resources available to assist international students.

  • February 15, 2017, 4-6 pm, Willard 062

To register for workshops, please click here. Registration will open shortly.


As a departmental or program administrator, do you:

  • Have international undergraduates in your program who struggle with U.S. academic genres or expectations due to lack of experience in American university settings?
  • Have international doctoral students in your program who could benefit from specialized English language support to prepare for oral exams, job interviews, and conference presentations?
  • Have international faculty in your program who are seeking to improve the clarity and style of their English in the classroom?
  • Receive queries from faculty about best practices for working effectively with international students, both in and outside the classroom?

If so, EPPIC offers the following services:

  • Language support services designed for internationals (undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and visiting scholars)
  • Departmental orientation sessions and workshops focusing on specific genres of professional English, and/or effective intercultural communication strategies for multilingual academic settings
  • Workshops for faculty on best practices for working with international students
  • Collaboration with your unit to create specialized service offerings that are tailored to the needs of your individual program or group.  These customized programs can be focused on specific themes or language skills, and can be designed for international and/or domestic faculty, students, or staff.  Offerings can vary in length from individual workshops to multi-week seminars to year-long programs, and can be delivered at your work site.  We encourage you to contact us with your questions and challenges, so that we may work together to design innovative programming that will address the particular subject areas and audiences that are most relevant to your work context.
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