Bryan Buschner

Bryan Buschner

Tutoring and Language Assessment Specialist

Language Specialist, Penn State Law

201 Willard Building
The Pennsylvania State University

University Park , PA 16802-5203


Bryan Buschner holds a master’s degree in History (focus on Japanese-American relations) from New Mexico State University and a BA in History from Florida State University.  He has extensive experience teaching ESL in private language institutions in Japan, focusing on adult education and  English for business and other professional environments.  In the course of his work abroad, Bryan gained extensive experience conducting language proficiency assessments for incoming students, as well as teaching strategies for the effective delivery of presentations to client companies.  Additionally, Bryan has taught ESL at the university level in the United States and in Japan. His current research interests include teaching English as a second language, Sociocultural Theory, metaphor and teacher development in the language classroom.

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